Surface refinement

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HOBATEX Beschichtung Dekor EchtholzBy refining surfaces of wood materials there are emerging literally new worlds under the hands of HOBATEX.

Through an additional refining step of surface design, a ”simple” wood material board is, e.g. getting into a piece of furniture that draws attention on itself, to an interior trim you want to touch or to a packaging you can transport free of risk.

HOBATEX Beschichtung UNIIn our offer you find

  • Milling and grinding of surfaces
  • Coating of surfaces
    • Decoration (genuine wood image)
    • Uni
    • Anti-slip surfaces – depending on your ordered slip class with
      • Phenolic resin coating
      • Film resin coating
      • Rubber
  • Oiling of hardboard sheets
  • Resin-coating (FHL, SHL) of chipboards and MDF / HDF boards
  • Bitumining to compressing and insulating of insulation boards

HOBATEX Beschichtung Anti RutschCoatings are such as individual as our customers

You have colours and designs on your mind making your products unmistakable? Or you already have got the foils – and you need the corresponding wood materials in your offered quality?

No problem: We bring it all together.

As connecting link between our chosen plants and your personal ideas, HOBATEX realizes your individual solutions.

We are looking forward to every project and talk with you about the possibilities of realization.

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