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HOBATEX GmbH Industrial Partners represents more than wood materials and wood packaging ….
… we take on responsibility.


Since several years there is a Christmas tradition at HOBATEX GmbH Industrial Partners where people are appreciated for sacrificing oneself for caring for other people and on the other hand for people which are financially dependent on help because of difficult circumstances.

The money which would typically be used for customer presents is given to people and institutions in our area to support them.

With your help we could make the following Christmas presents in the last years:


2015: Kinder sind Zukunft2015

Our Christmas donation was given to the association ”Kinder sind unsere Zukunft” (“children are our future”) in Steinheim which two times a year gives humanitarian transports of relief aid to the social misery region in North-East Prussia and provides hospitals, orphanages, schools and poor households. Apart from donations in kind we yearlong provide storage space at our location in Steinheim.



We brought joy to the spastic Tobias and his mother in Beverungen with a new car suitable for wheelchairs.


2013: Kita „Zur Krüne“ in Brakel2013

The children and teachers of the kindergarten and the daycare center ”Zur Krüne” in Brakel were radiant with joy as they got their Christmas present.




2012: Lebenshilfe in Brakel2012

We could help Father Christmas to give presents to mentally, physically and multiple handicapped persons and their care workers at the ”Lebenshilfe” in Brakel.


2011: Ludwig-Schloemann-Haus in Höxter2011

We could support the ”Ludwig-Schloemann-Haus” (institution of the St. -Petri-Stift) for mentally, physically and multiple handicapped persons and their care workers in Höxter.


2010: Integrative Kindertagesstätte St. Raphael in Erkeln2010

Already since several years the inclusive daycare center ”St. Raphael” in Erkeln lives the holistic idea of educating and aiding children with and without handicap together. We supported this extensive job with our Christmas-check because it follows the main idea to accept every person in his own personality and to see everyone with their individual abilities.