Wood soft fiber – insulation boards

HOBATEX Daemmplatten HolzfaserProduct description

Whether insulation boards, noise protection or heat protection and cold protection – we’ve got the proper offer for you! It ranges from under roof boards and THERM – boards to bituminized insulating wall panels.

The porous fiber boards are manufactured from natural materials in wet and dry processes according to the standard PN-EN 622-1 and the standard PN-EN 13 986, hygiene category: E1. They have a density of 50kg/m³ to 270kg/m³.

Our HOBATEX insulation boards are breathable and are produced out of renewable raw materials without harmful additives. Moreover we label the produced fiber boards with the CE-sign (notified body: Institute of Building Materials and Construction ”MPA Bau München”, Nr. 1211 )

Typical applications
  • Ceiling construction
  • Inner wall construction
  • Outer wall construction
  • Footfall sound absorption
  • Solutions for packaging problems
Application advantages
  • Cold protection during winter
  • Heat protection during summer
  • Noise protection
  • Saves energy & increases building value
  • Breathable
  • Renewable resources without harmful additives
HOBATEX insulation boards range
  • HOBATEX under roof boards
  • HOBATEX THERM boards – standard
  • HOBATEX insulating wall panels – standard, NATUR
  • HOBATEX footfall sound absorption – GREEN colour
  • HOBATEX insulation boards – standard, BITUMINOUS
  • HOBATEX rafter insulation board with double slot + key, PARAFFINED
  • HOBATEX – PLASTER CARRIER BOARD (density type 01)
  • HOBATEX – PLASTER CARRIER BOARD (density type 02)
Processing possibilities

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