Twin-wall sheets

Verpackung HohlkammerplattenProduct description

The excellent physical and chemical characteristics are more and more pandering to the use of twin-wall sheets in many branches amongst others in the packaging- and automotive industry, in the building industry, in domestic appliances, in transport, in glass and steel mills, in forestry, in publicity, in the food and pharma industry. The full plastic PP, HDPE, LDPE, HIPS and ABS boards are used as construction materials. They are suitable for thermoforming (deep drawing) and are used in the cooling-, electronics-, packaging-, chemical-, installation- and automotive industry, in the construction sector and in advertising.

Typical applications
  • Construction sector: moisture protection for walls and floors, door and construction panels
  • Advertising: information- and bill boards, signs, bags and briefcases
  • Insulation material: thermal insulation of buildings and equipment
  • (Refrigerators, dishwashers), tree protection in winter
  • Solutions for packaging problems
  • Reusable packaging in manufacturing processes, pharmaceutical-, automotive- and
  • Food industry
  • Intermediate layers for palettes: transport of industrial products, e.g. glass products
  • Protection material: edge protection for consignments on palettes, inner protection of moving
  • Parts, e.g. in gas- and eletric stoves during transports
Application advantages
  • Light material
  • Water-resistant
  • Non-fade
Processing possibilities

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