MDF / HDF Boards packaging quality

HOBATEX MDF HDF VerpackungProduct description

Medium Density Fiberboards (MDF) and High Density Fiberboards (HDF) consist of wood fiber impregnated with paste which are compressed with pressure and heat in a dry process, especially excorticated pine wood. The pressing operation is acted with consideration and makes the production of homogeneously lengthwise and crosswise wood materials possible.

The density on MDF boards lays between lumber and wet fiber boards with 550 and 800kg/m³; especially HDF boards are high densified (over 800kg/m³).

The edges are smooth and solid and can be profiled without any special glue. Since there is no water pressed out, the bottoms don’t show any strainer marks: dry pressed boards are available smooth and grinded on both sides.

MDF and HDF boards are a second-rate packaging product in demand in contrast to chipboards on account of their high flexibility, tensile strength and higher resilience.

Typical applications
  • Packaging material
  • Coverings/intermediate layers
Application advantages
  • Easy processing thanks to especially homogeneous wood materials
  • Very clean processing as well as with milling grooves
  • Clean cutting edges
  • High-quality surfaces (smoother than chipboars or OSB)
  • Higher resilience than chipboards
  • High flexibility and tensile strength
Standard dimensions
  • 2440 mm x 1220 mm
  • 3050 mm x 1220 mm
  • 2850 mm x 2070 mm
  • 2800 mm x 2070 mm
  • 5600 mm x 2070 mm
Delivery forms
  • Standard or fixed dimensions
  • Roughly
  • Thicknesses from 1,5 mm to 38 mm
  • Special thicknesses and forms possible

You are welcome to inform yourself about MDF/HDF boards in the field of furniture construction, exhibition construction, interior works in wood materials.

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