Hardboard sheets packaging quality

Verpackung HartfaserplattenProduct description

Hardboard sheets front side smooth/back side with strainer structure: Hardboard sheets are made of wood cellulose fibers in wet processes. The slab pressing is done with very high temperatures. During manufacturing the water is pressed out under high pressure so that the hardboard sheet gets its typical one sided strainer structure that has got an anti-slip effect. In the course of manufacturing the wet cellulose fibers are felting so that even the boards with a density of 800kg/m³ can be bent for processing.

Typical applications
  • Packaging (protection and covering slabs, intermediate layers)
  • Automotive industry
Application advantages
  • High solidity
  • Good flexibility
  • Anti-slip effect through one-sided strainer structure
Standard dimensions
  • 2440/2750/3050 x 1220 mm
  • 2745/5500 x 1700 mm
Delivery forms
  • Standard dimensions and fixed dimensions
  • Roughly
  • Thicknesses from 1,8mm to 8,0mm
  • Special thicknesses and forms possible
  • Just-In-Time purchasing of our storage in Steinheim/Westphalia possible

You are welcome to inform yourself about the application possibilities of our hardboard sheets in wood materials.

Processing possibilities

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