Europallets & one-way palettes

Product description

EPAL-exchange system
As a carrier recognized all over Europe our euro palettes are manufactured according to UIC 435-2. Our offering ranges from new palettes conforming to the IPPC-demands to used first-rate quality europalettes/bright sorting to second-rate quality palettes/darker sorting.

Individual solution
If you need an individual solution not regarding the EPAL exchange system, we surely have an appropriate solution for you as well! Please send us a drawing or a list of items and we will offer you one-way palettes according to your wishes.

Typical applications
  • Carrier recognized all over Europe
Application advantages
  • EPAL protected exchange system
  • Surface load bearing capacity: up to 1,5t
  • Point load bearing capacity: up to 1,0t
Delivery forms
  • New, IPPC
  • Used, first-rate quality/bright sorting
  • Used, second-rate quality/darker sorting
  • Unnested delivery alternative stacked (on top of each other) to 561/660/720 pcs. per delivery
  • Nested delivery alternative stacked (into each other) to 660/720/820 pcs. per delivery
  • Full loads and partial loads

We will gladly provide you with an offer concerning one-way palettes that are manufactured to suit your requests.

Please take a look at our special solutions and what we could make possible for you!

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