Chipboards (P2 – P7)

HOBATEX SpanplattenProduct description

Chipboards are multilayer boards consisting of pressed and pasted splints of residual wood or fresh wood. In most cases, they consist of 3 layers whereas fine splints are used for outer layers, especially if the boards have to be laminated during the next step, e.g. in processing furniture.

Chipboards are available in the sizes P1-P7, classified according to the suitability for the use in dry areas or wet areas as well as for the use as carrying unit considering the static requirements.

  • P1 dry area/thin panelling/non carrying
  • P2 dry area/furniture construction and remodeling/non carrying
  • P3 wet area/non carrying
  • P4 dry area/carrying
  • P5 wet area/carrying
  • P6 dry area/hard-wearing
  • P7 wet area/hard-wearing

For application areas like furniture-, exhibition- and store construction, interior works etc. HOBATEX gives you chipboards in the sizes P2-P7.

Furthermore we have a large range of decors – therefore your individual imaginations of designs have no limits.

Typical applications
  • Furniture construction
  • Wood finishes and remodeling (panelling; elements for walls, ceilings and roof boardings)
  • Exhibition- and store construction
Application advantages
  • Low prices of wood materials
  • Easy processing
  • Very diverse surfaces and decors
Standard sizes
  • 600 mm x 2.070 mm
  • 100 mm x 2.070 mm
  • 800 mm x 2.070 mm
  • fixed dimesions/cut-outs/finished dimensios
Delivery form
  • Roughly, melamine coated and veneered
  • Available in the sizes P2; P3; P4; P5; P6; P7
  • Thickness 3mm to 80mm
  • Special thicknesses and special shapes possible
  • DIN-Norm EN 312

You are welcome to inform yourself about our chipboars of size P1 for packaging solutions.

Processing possibilities

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