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Life is no picnic? – At HOBATEX it’s one!

There is next to nothing we couldn’t make possible for you.

We at HOBATEX interpret service as:

”From the forest directly to your front door”
– on time and in your required quality and in the fulfilment of your order.

Until then we cut, process and refine your wood materials regarding your requirements: with modern, high-power machinery – and if necessary we do it manually.

When the demands get difficult, we are reaching our peak:

We are your partner in processing special forms and particularly delicate materials, unusual surfaces, special orders and packaging orders.

We fiddle about it until you are satisfied.

By our storage in Steinheim / Westphalia with over 6000 qm space and a choice international logistics-network we round off our service package for our customers.

And if you want you get everything from one hand.

This is called HOBATEX Service Package plus.

We are looking forward to each of your projects and are pleased to talk to you about the realization possibilities in detail.

Don’t hesitate to speak to us or send us a message.

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