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Legal info and privacy statement

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HOBATEX GmbH Holzwerkstoffe
Driburger Str. 39
D-33034 Brakel

Phone: +49 52 72-37 77-0
Fax: +49 52 72-37 77-30

Managing Director/Partner:
Meinolf Meise, Alexander Tölle, Dörthe Stamm
VAT no.:  DE125449334
Tax no.:  326/5788/5506
Commercial register:  Paderborn HRB 4541

Your contact person:
On questions, suggestions and criticism concerning our web site, please contact

HOBATEX GmbH Holzwerkstoffe
Herr Meinolf Meise
Driburger Straße 39
D-33034 Brakel
Tel. 0 52 72-37 77-0

Terms of use
The provision of information on this website is rendered exclusively in accordance with the following terms which the user accepts by using this web site:

Subject to modifications and errors. The information contained on our website is closely checked, updated, corrected and supplemented – continuously or whenever necessary. In spite of this, it may still contain erroneous, incorrect and/or incomplete information. We can also not guarantee that no industrial or intellectual property rights owned by third parties exist. All mentioned company-, product- and marketing names are property of its individual owner and in general subject to market-, industrial design- or patent protection. We do not claim any third party trade marks or rights.

We will not be liable for any direct or indirect damages arising out of the use of this website, the trust placed in the contents thereof, or downloading data and/or programmes. This also applies to a possible virus infection. The contents published on this website are subject to the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany. We provide no warranty that the information on this website is suitable or applicable for use at other locations.

Links to other web sites are of informative character only and do not necessarily reflect our opinion. We cannot accept responsibility for opinions, information, content or functionality provided by third parties’ websites. Intent is excluded from this.

Creating links from other websites to any elements of this website is permissible, but we ask for a corresponding message. Any links must credit the source of the information. This applies especially to the use of pages or data in a frame.

The use of pages, texts and/or articles is only allowed in an uncut version, and if the contents have not been edited or altered in any way. Quotes are excluded, as long as they are marked as such and include the source of information.

You can download the general terms as PDF file. (In order to be able to view pdf-files you need the Adobe Acrobat Reader)

The conditions of use are subject to change without prior notice.

Should one of the clauses mentioned above become invalid, the validity of the remaining clauses shall remain unaffected.

In general, the anonymous utilisation of our website is possible. The anonymous utilisation or the utilisation via a pseudonym is not possible in those parts of the site that require user identification.

By visiting our website, potential identification data (IP address, user URL, target URL, date and time of use, used client software) will be stored on our server. This data will be used for identifying and tracking unauthorised access and access attempts as well as statistical evaluation. The data will not be used for other applications. The data gained in this manner are anonymous and do not permit any association with you. The exception to this is access to secure areas of our website, where you use a password to gain access. During these accesses, the user identification will also be recorded for security reasons.

Individualized data is collected by us only with your previous consent concerning type and extent. Of course, you have the right, on request, to see data relating to you, which is held on our system. Furthermore, you may also request to have incorrect data corrected, or to have your data blocked or deleted.

Please note that, by contacting one of our e-mail addresses, you automatically agree with the storage and electronic processing of your information without us having to point this out.

We would like to mention that the transmission of data sent via this website is generally unsecured, e.g. when you complete a contact form. This means that data could be accessed by an unauthorised party or could even be falsified in extreme cases. Secured data transmission is indicated separately.

For controlling data base accesses and for producing correct images, our website uses so called ‘Session IDs’. For storing these identifications – activated each time a page of our offer is accessed for the first time – so called ‘cookies’ are being used, a form of communication between browser and server. These cookies are not being used for recording personal data. However, you can deactivate the use of cookies in your browser. In most cases this will not make a significant difference to the use of our website, as it might only slow down the loading of some pages. However, in the interest of optimising the performance of our website, we recommend you allow the use of cookies and JavaScript.

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