Forming and outline drawing

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HOBATEX CNC FräsenThe forming and outline drawing process of wood materials is done with ”chipping” this means that single chips are took off of the processing workpiece.

This is useful for e.g.:

  • producing of even surfaces as well as roundings and profiles
  • transfering contours/profiles on wood materials
  • obtaining three-dimensional and cylindrical surfaces as well as large deepnesses
  • surface preparation, e.g. for painting, coating processes, conglutination through smoothing, chamfering, roughening or producing of notches, folding and many more

According to your requirements and wood materials we mill, sand and plane.


Our milling possibilities via our CNC processing centre leave nothing to be desired in modern forming of wood materials.


Sanding is a traditional manufacturing method for detail- and finish processing of workpieces to reach the final shape and surface quality after milling.

Using big abrasive belts surplus material is cut off in chips.

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