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Wood products are active environmental protection

Being one of the biggest importers and exporters of wood materials in Europe we are well aware of our responsibility for our environment. Origin and sustainability of our products are constantly monitored by external institutions. For further information of FSC® certifications and the sustainability of our products we are looking forward to answer your message.

FSC® certification for environmentally-friendly, sustainable and socially-acceptable forestry

FSCThe Forest Stewardship Council® – shortly FSC® – is an international NGO speaking up for the preservation of forests doing environmentally compatible and sustainable cultivation as well as socially-responsible forestry. This includes extensive standards for environmental protection as well as the observance of rights and the protection of the well-being of workers, their families and communes.

The world-wide valid emblem for wood is subject to strict criteria checked by external institutions every year.

FSC® certificate as PDF download

PEFCTM  certificate for sustainable forestry

PEFCPEFC guarantees that wood- and paper materials come from sustainable cultivated forests. PEFC is the biggest institution securing and marketing sustainable forest cultivation by an independent certification system.

PEFC is international. This is already seen in its name ”Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes” that has got one goal: the world-wide improvement of forest management and forest care. All national systems are in substance based on the same direction: on resolutions passed on the following conferences of the Conference on the Environment in Rio.

PEFCTM certificate as PDF download

Wood trade laws for sustainable forest management & minimization of illegal felling of trees

Holzhandelssicherung HOBATEXHOBATEX GmbH Industrial Partners commits itself to sustainable forest management and minimizing of illegal felling of trees world-wide.

We have implemented a risk management system for the import of safe wood materials in the EU that inspects the relevant risks regarding origion, kind of wood, supplier, products, documentries, process chains and delivery chains.

By this we guarantee that we are only importing products into the EU which use risk minimized round wood sources and consequently minimize the danger of overfelling in forestry.

HOBATEX Committment EUTRIf there are any doubts left, we do on-site audits with the suppliers that are fastidiously documented and get marked with corresponding reference to the concerned delivery documents.

HOBATEX GmbH Industrial Partners is educating all employees for the implementation of the system.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

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