Drilling and perforated plates

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HOBATEX BohrenWood drillings are more fastidious than it may seem at first glance.

Depending on solidity and softness of wood materials and if solid and soft fibers alternate like solid wood in the same workpiece or if it can be drilled towards/against the fiber direction, the demands for a perfect drilling keep the same.
With every drilling you get:

  • Clean cutting edges with tear resistance due to moved away fibers
  • Drilling holes without chip ostructions as well as in big and deep drilling holes
  • Very flat holes, e.g. for a later insertion of hinges
  • Exact directed drilled dowel holes for flush and straight connections
Application area

Furniture industry

  • for bolted fastenings as quick and simple alternative to glue
  • for plug-in connections of furniture pieces by means of wood dowels
  • for blind holes with high diameter for fittings/hinges mostly inserted into
  • workpiece surfaces
  • for counterboring of drilling holes for countersunk screws finishing flush with the surfaces of wood materials

HOBATEX CNC LochplattenFurthermore we offer perforated plates according to your individual drill pattern.

Our CNC milled perforated plates have got versatile application areas:

  • in trade used as sales display with flexible insertable hooks for merchandise presentations
  • in interior constructions used as wall and ceiling panelling
  • as insert for bed frames for optimal air circulation
  • for interior trim in automotives (for example in busses)
  • as noise protection
  • as trellis for air flow
  • and many more

We are looking forward to every project and talk with you in detail about the possibilities of realization.

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