CNC processing

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HOBATEX CNC FräsenIf – even complex – workpieces with high precision and quantity have to be manufactured fastly, we offer you the mechanic processing of wood material boards in our CNC processing centre.

Product description

CNC (Computerized Numerical Control) centres are computer-operated machine tools.

The processing centre gets programmed individually. Using modern control technology the milling adapters are automatically changed with the programming and adjusted so that the workpieces can be processed completely in one sequence.

  • The CNC centre makes possible accurate cut-outs and millings of wood material boards as well as the production of different holes and drillings according to your wishes as a customer
  • Complex workpieces can easily be produced in series in high speed and especially with precision
  • Since processed workpieces are milled out of one piece, the finished products are very solid

HOBATEX CNC LochplattenPlease take a look at our special solutions and what we could make possible for you!

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